Weekly meetings term time onlY

Thursday  eve  7.30  to 9pm  pm

2nd &  last  Thursday  of  every month

First  meeting for 2020 is  3rd  week of February

This Sangha “offers a deep well of support and wisdom” to embrace the “present  moment” whilst cultivating the tools of mindfulness to nourish the collective energy of the group and community  in cultivating  joy and peace  and well being.

In the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh

The community of interbeing coi ,is  also  a registered charity and offers  mindfulness   courses.Please see http://www.  for  more info

For retreats at plum village in France  and Usa please visit http://www.

Format of sangha meetings


Welcome & arrival

7.15 pm


Doors closed at 7.30



Conscious Breathing.

Small reading/recitation

Mediation,Self enquiry,

Deeksha blessing

mindfulness tea,

Dharma sharing.

Conscious breathing.

The meeting closes at  however, in order to continue and strengthen your present moment connection, the option is given  for you to enjoy a  15 minute adjustment time  in silence and to leave the venue ie by 9.15pm

Sanghas in Forest Row ,Priory Road


Booking essential

car share ,system for  group.