Mindfulness 4 teenagers / 4 week COURSES/£35/£25 concession

Bringing together my rich and extensive experience of mindfulness trainings gained from Thich Nhat Hanh,  personally  and over 20 years  experience  and wisdom in facilitating mindfulness for all.Together  with my honours degree specialising in conflict resolution and my natural healing and  psychic skills  this course extends  my  intention, to exponentially  help and support the youth of today be truly here for themselves and others and  connect and align  with  their  infinite  inner powers  of creation to embrace  and sustain their optimum  and physical well being and create and manifest from a place of love and see clearly why they are creating suffering and challenging situations  and freeing themselves of this suffering.Experiencing  and accessing the true freedom of the present moment and to help others and the world evolve into higher vibrations as we anchor the highest vibration of love as one.


concession price £25

.Next 4  week courses start September 2021

2 Hours pw

4 weeks  course  for £40 for  teenager

Booking essential

One to  one consultations  also offered.

You are  warmly invited to this course to  learn the essential mindfulness tools that will

1)Bring you instant calm & relaxation

2)Assist you with dealing  effectively with, to support your wellbeing, challenging situations  and emotions and dissipate others anger or “poison arrows” .

3)Assert  strong  and secure boundaries to sustain your physical & emotional well being

4)Resolve conflicts

5)Communicate  compassionately, effectively and strengthen  your listening and talking  skills so you get your needs met and hear and communicate clearly,empowering yourself and letting go of others”issues” and observing your “triggers”  and being present with your emotions,rather than going into others & other  disempowering distractions.

6)Feel self empowered and know  how  to empower others with your presence  and communication ,for the good of all.

7)Understand, Learn and apply the concepts of non reaction and non attachment.

8)Align  with your  joy  and see clearly your path on earth for the highest  good.

Also for the 16 to 18 yrs group girls are  invited to look deeply regarding expressing feelings  relating to sexual intimacy,wifi/phones/alcohol/food with the intention of gaining tools  to assert strong physical and emotional  boundaries to ensure their well being.

Mindfulness tools to

1)Acknowledge difficult emotions/situations.

2)Be with difficult & deep emotions emotions

3)Express challenging emotions

4)Support being present with difficult emotions

5)Gain clarity with emotions

6)Nourish your emotional and physical well being

7)Sustain  your mindfulness practice

8) Exam focus and stress release & organisation

Theses courses also offers the invitation to continue another 4 week course(term time only)Please message  me   to book