Luxury Temple Massage

You are invited,through divine love and light , to experience  your “Divine temple healing Massage”,facilitated by Leah Star, with the intention of aligning  you with divine source energy,your true nature ,inner peace,blissful relaxation and well being.

During your “Divine temple healing massage”, a  powerful combination of   wonderful holistic  and swedish massage  techniques  and ancient healing skills  are used to  access and release deep core dis-ease and  gently soothe  and   powerfully rejuvenate your body . Together with  divinely chosen and blended, pure and heavenly scented  essential oils  and base oils,to enhance your journey of well being.such as cold pressed  rosehip , argan and frankincense  oils to nourish the complexion and sweet almond and magnesium  oils to restore body strength and moisturise the skin   and  ylang ylang  and lime to up lift   and release anxiety.

Attention is given to  your unique needs and wonderfully assisting your healing process.With the express intention of  facilitating for your  astral,emotional,spiritual and physical bodies being aligned  in divine loving oneness  as you release illusory fears and beliefs  which were manifesting in your physical body,under grace and with happiness in a miraculous way and embrace  euphoric bliss and well being.


I trained as a clinical aromatherapist  with Eve Taylor in 1992, and  I am qualified to use and blend essential oils   for their  beauty and therapeutic benefits.For example oils to lower blood pressure ,oils to release tension  , oils to  assist the release of cellulite and oils to promote healing scar tissue.Each essential oil has an amazing healing influence on the body and  emotions and I am wonderfully gifted  in blending the most beautiful aroma   and the most powerfully healing oils.My  extensive  experience of blending oils  for  beauty  and therapeutic needs  is strengthened by the application of my psychic and healing skills .As I intuitively choose  and blend oils  to uplift and rejuvenate  you and assist   your miraculous healing and enhance your feeling of well being.



Treatments   Forest Row    and home visits  available with extra  charge  .

One hour treatment £80 one and a half hour massage  £115,two hour treatment £150

Discount of 10% given for  a course of   a min of 4 massages  booked & paid for in advance.

Gift vouchers available

Please message me  or telephone  me on   01342 822706     for bookings,thank you.