Geomancy/Earth healing/ley lines/geopathic stress

My experience of  applying  and teaching Geomancy,also referred to as earth healing or healing of the ley lines is now finely tuned to   clear ,heal and transform stagnant  energies ,connected to all the powerful sacred elements of earth ,air ,fire and water and all that is related  and connected to them and realign us with  the divine cosmic   intergalactic multidimensional grid   of star gates to connect  with our divine guidance, healing and evolution.

My experience and teaching  and applying   intuitive dowsing  also supports  us  to see  previously what  was unseen on a multi dimensional level  ie what is manifesting  on a physical level  ,health, land property.Emotional level ie  what  was hidden and spiritual level, where  we are dis connecting from  divine source life force,manifesting in stagnant  energies & negatively impacting leylines,  relating to  our emotional  and physical issues.


Our environment reflects us, as below  and so above, as within and so without.

Earth accupuncture is rather like acupuncture  for the body, accupuncture needles  are put into  particular meridians  to release ,transform  and heal stagnant energy to enable the energies to flow ie to the heart,brain,blood etc and so aid optimum well being.Similarly  for the earth, to heal the earth and all that  is related to  the “stagnation”   ie  traumas  of war ,disrespect to nature and strengthen our connection with the healing powers of the earth.

Within  the workshops and sessions our connection  with the “unseen dimensions” are also greatly  enhanced as we work along side the elementals ,deities and “other dimensional ” beings for guidance and gratitude.

For instance ancestral,elemental traumas,wars,emotional & physical conflicts,environmental traumas ie roads,phone masts,electric pylons, animal & human  trauma  ie  anger,grief,deaths,ill health,abuse,divorce,separation,health and relationships,money and abundance  issues.Even traumas  from hundreds  of years ago are all energetically  held in the land  and everything related  to it ie houses and water and those that live/work there are affected.

If negative ley lines are also running through  the property then the above issues  are impacted.

When the geomancy is carried out ,all  those connected  to the land/property,including animals  also benefit immediately.

For those  wishing  to sell their house/business and /or find/move  to their  next home geomancy is the perfect medium to  remove all obstacles  and align   you with  your perfect next home,tenants  and selling price.

I once  performed a geomancy  for a lady  who had been trying to sell her home  for 4 years.The house was really haunted.within  1 week of the geomancy session she had an offer on her home for  the perfect asking price  and the sale completed within 4 months.

This is just one  of many wonderful stories related  to people selling their homes where after  a geomancy session all obstacles  are removed.

.When you  receive your “Divine temple geomancy healing,you are also embracing a “beginning anew “as you release the old and  embrace the wonderful new,under grace.Client  reports are always rapturous in appreciation and amazement at how quickly the amazing changes and healings occur in their lives during and after their “divine temple geomancy  Healing” .

As above and so below,whatever is  released in the land is released in you ie anger ,depression.traumas.Divine temple geomancy facilitates for you to witness and release and heal all that the elements are reflecting back you  and for you to return to your  :Divine inner temple” and exist and co create from your  divine inner temple space  with ease and well-being.

I have over 20 years experience of geomancy and I have worked alongside true masters.Whether you want to “ghost clear ” sell your property and land,or you need help to transform family ,animal,health or work issues,immediately.Then geomancy is the gift for you  as it transforms everything wonderfullyy,under grace.


During and after a geomancy facilitation with me people report immediate wonderful changes,whether within their personal relationships  and more and their homes and land feeling wonderful.


Facilitations activated  internationally.

Length of sessions


Geomancy sessions are  usually for  up to 4  and a half hours,usually with a first session of approximately 2hr  and 15 mins   & a subsequent treatment approx  one  week  to   one month later of 2 hours  and 15 mins.

£250 fully inclusive


Treatments  more than 4 .5 hrs and follow up sessions 25% discount on follow up sessions £45 ph


Sometimes the treatments  require   just one off session at £60 ph




Sessions available remotely internationally