Divine Temple mindful Healing

“Letting go gives us freedom  and freedom is the only condition for happiness.|If in our hearts we still cling to anything -anger,anxiety or possessions… we cannot be free”

Thich Nhat Hanh;The heart of the Buddha teachings.Transforming suffering into peace ,joy  and liberation.

All disease  directly  relates to an attachment  of thought a  choice , a belief that we  are holding on to ,which separates us  from our well being.ie trauma experienced as child.Even the impact of ancestral  traumas and limiting beliefs may be passed  on to other generations via the dna  and emotional bodies

Mindfulness ,provides essential  and easy to apply tools  to directly  access  where we are  holding our fears  and traumas in  our emotional, physical  and spiritual bodies and heal, release & transform our suffering  and connect, realign with our  optimum well being.

The use of resistance  to the fear /trauma that  one is holding expends  much energy  and also serves to stagnate and congest   our bodies meridian systems and our natural flow of  self healing. Manifesting in lowered immune systems.

Similarly ,when a patient  views their disease as separate  from themselves ie something that has happened  to them,ie toxicity,.MIndfulness assists the patient to  look deeply  and bring unconscious beliefs  relating directly to their dis ease  into their consciousness to “own” and transform  and so restore well being .

All dis ease   of our physical body  is directly related to our  emotional  and spiritual body. In order to heal the physical body   we must give  our  full presence to the thoughts  and choices  and limiting beliefs that our emotional and spiritual bodies hold and transform  and release them.

The art of mindfulness provides very powerful tools  to  illuminate  the emotions that  are manifesting in emotional  and physical disease and transform suffering  and disease  and realign  with optimum well being.

Usually I facilitate   for you to use these mindfulness healing techniques  yourself.

However ,when the patient is not able  to facilitate  for themselves I will initiate  the healings and continue the facilitations  until the patient is able  to  facilitate  and sustain the healings  for themselves.

During your Divine temple optimum vibration healing alignment  facilitations  you are guided  to  experience deep and self empowered healings by embracing true presence mindfulness techniques,using your breath,  to totally support  and guide  your process to look deeply into the truth ,beyond your suffering.To see clearly , where you have separated  from source energy via     your choices,limiting beliefs,traumas and are manifesting dis ease .

Adopting the premise that “you create your own reality”,during  your session,the mindfulness tools of true presence,together with  gentle conscious breathing techniques invite you to retrieve the gifts  being offered to you in each situation that you create and co create .Wherein your full power of creation  is enhanced ,assisting you  to create what you want .Rather than create by default,ie feel that “things” are happening to you and you have no power  over your reality.


“Feelings come  and go like clouds in a windy sky.Conscious breathing is my anchor.

Thich Nhat Hanh:Stepping into freedom


During  your  divine temple  healing session  the  “core issue”, the true reason, as to why you are creating particular  realities, ie a fear of abandonment may be manifesting as  angina  which  you have created  to embrace forgiveness for example.Then   the  angina issue is healed as  you are transforming  your suffering into peace ,joy and liberation. when you  are truly present with your emotions you are present to receive the truth regarding why you are creating a particular issue  you are also shown how to heal the core issue and all issues relating to the core issue and receive the  inherent  gifts   and  you are aligned  with  your well being

What you give your attention to expands  and knowing that what is in your reality is an extension and reflection of what is within you ie your beliefs and fears.Your divine temple healing session facilitates  for  you to  release the frequency of resistance(Fear) surrounding  perceptions , feelings. and beliefs ,that you are manifesting as”discomfort”. and pain for you and for  you  to “Free yourself” from those issues/situations. In so doing,  retrieving your freedom from  “bondage” to the dimensions of deluded existence and embrace  your full power of creation and create what you really want,under grace and with happiness in a miraculous

After  and during  wonderful guidance session  client s often feel







Facilitation locations.

In  Forest Row Sussex,

Couple and family guidance.

Sessions are  for  1 hour

Full price   £60

Concession rate £ £35

Special concession offer unwaged donation


Corporate facilitations available, POA.

Please message me or telephone me 0n  01342 822706 for bookings,thank you.

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