Leah Star

Leah StarWelcome and thank you for co-creating our amazing bliss.

I  first discovered the  deep healing  practices of  mindfulness to transform suffering  over 20 years ago.When I was introduced to the mindfulness community of zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.My suffering then was immense.I learnt  and applied the practices of mindfulness & transformed  much of my  deep suffering  & embraced well being & witnessed  many others transforming their suffering on very deep levels .

Directly experiencing the deep and miraculous healings of the mindfulness practices  to support and sustain optimum emotional & physical well being and knowing how these mindfulness practices actually work and are applied has inspired me to hold the vision and intention  to transmit these mindfulness teachings to many,exponentially ,so they also will transform their suffering  & embrace well being. and help others transform their suffer and realize inter being and live in wellbeing,transforming illusions  and pains of separation with the power of the highest collective consciousness via the practice of mindfulness.
I Use exceptionally powerful tools,(which you are also shown how to use)to assist your enlightenment process and increase your vibration and powers of manifestation to align  with   your refuge within and co create miracles.Embracing the miracle of mindfulness and being present to the miracle of the present moment is a very powerful anchor to hold the highest vibrations  and to manifest from as we evolve from the 3rd to 5th dimensions and beyond  under grace.

Wherein, the invitation exists for you to fully reclaim your full power of creation by totally owning and taking responsibility for what is in your aspect of  your  reality,beyond reflection & karma.Together with seeing and experiencing the healing of why you have created particular realities and relationships, to assist your soul growth.
I am also very fortunate to have trained, 20 years ago, with the renowned master Thich Nhat Hanh, to facilitate meditation and mindfulness trainings, after receiving my dharma name “Fragrant Speech of the Heart”.
The mindfulness trainings are very beautiful and powerful tools and techniques which facilitate your perfect alignment with the perfect present moment, ”THE PLACE“of manifestation and being, ”THE PLACE”, where all moments co-exist, the creation point. Indeed, according to Einstein, to manifest something in the present moment you have to “remember” it as already happened!

In 2017 I also  took  and qualified on the  MBSR Mindfulness course, with Nick Diggins ,to use mindfulness tools  to facilitate for stress reduction.

My meditation experiences and enlightenment process has been deepened by “The Enlightenment Intensive”  trainings  of  Shivam O’Brien, another master  facilitater of  :interbeing practices . Wherein, the power of the intention of the present moment is expounded with the exploration of the principle of “I am that, I am” presence. Herein, the invitation to directly  experience on a multi dimensional level,  the power of present moment, to look deeply into what it is you are manifesting, relating to your core beliefs and perceptions and  choices  and gain insights into how to realign  your perception to embrace inner peace and happiness, is infinite………

My desire to unveil the truth, within and without! led me to read sociology and philosophy at Sussex University where I deepened my research into the roles of fear and the paradigms of illusion as causal factors in relation to health and well being and enlightenment and manifestation. Specialising in “Conflict resolution “ (inner and outer, micro and macro) and the unveiling of the paradigms of illusion, with particular focus on oneness and the integration of fragmented parts of the “self” in the realisation of divine truth.
After graduating I trained as a clinical aromatherapist and parfumier with the famous Eve Taylor in 1992 ,the same year  my gorgeous son  was born,yipeeeeeee.

I strengthened my natural psychic  & prophetic   gifts, which I have been aware of since a child, combining them  with deep and powerful multi dimensional healings  of all bodies,physical,emotional,astral,spiritual  to release all traumas ,balance & harmonise all the elements  & align  all bodies  with  optimum emotional & physical well being.

For a deeper healing I also facilitate   for beings to  directly access their Akashic records to see what choices they have made in the past which are now impacting on their 3rd dimensional reality and release those choices  and realign with the highest potential of choices  for the souls realignment  for your highest vibration ,especially as we evolve from 3rd to 5th dimension.
I also specialized in blending  bespoke ,especially blended healing oils, beautiful pure perfumes  and vibrational medicines which facilitate healing and bliss and sustain high vibrational aligment.

I have worked  internationally for vips and from “The Hale Centre” and  from  Harley street and now I work freelance  at “Gaia, natural health”in Forest Row  and from my clinic at home in Forest Row,Sussex.

My Mindfulness journey has also deepened further  with mindful  co vegan cheffing for  over 500 people  at retreats at Plum village with the Thich Nhat Hanh community,together  with teaching mindful full preparation to nourish well being.I am now a member off the community of interbeing & traned by the thich Nhat  Hanh community   to teach  mindfulness courses ,retreats & facilitate sanghas.To nourish the well being of all.
My healing journey continues with me facilitating earth accupuncture,earth healing treatments to realign earth and the cosmic grid with the highest optimum vibrations  to ensure the highest evolution  for the collective consciousness .The rebalancing od the magnetic energies,leylines and healing of earths stagnant energies,which are also reflected back to the inhabitants of homes/businesses to release.So during an earth accupuncture treatment  the land,cosmos  and people are also healed,oneness.

I am employed on international and local earth healing projects and  I am fortunate to have trained  and worked alongside Richard Creightmore and Jewels Rocka who are two of the geomancy masters in the world.
It is  my divine intention to facilitate for you to  reclaim  your full divine power of creation to create what you want, under grace and with happiness in a miraculous way for the highest good of all.
In joy
Leah Star

BA Hons sociology : MBSR MIndfulness :Clinical aromatherapist I.T.E.C